You can either give us a few ideas, wishes or needs of how you imagine your perfect tour, or you can use our questionnaire to supply us with some details in order that we can compile your first travel proposal. You will get a reply within 24 hours and our proposed tour will be send via email shortly there after. If you like it….perfect……just give us a reply and we will quickly check the dates and availability. You will then get the final tour with the confirmation of your booking. Otherwise, tell us what you liked and what you rather would want us to modify or discuss with us any points of concern…. and we can then proceed together until we compiled your perfect Relax’n Travel trip!

With Relax ’n Travel you can enjoy every single minute of your holiday. and won’t loose precious time by searching for accommodation while travelling. We booked and prepaid all your very unique accommodations and travel arrangements long in advance and so they are already safe and secure! You will be welcomed and expected by our travel partners at all of your selected destinations, and we ourselves will always be at hand via our phone or cell phone if you need something to be taken care of. So you can be assured that with Relax ’n Travel relaxing starts not only with travelling but even beforehand with the planning of your trip.